Every week, around 140,000 people visit the Kingdom Shopping Centre. The majority of our shoppers are from Glenrothes and the surrounding areas, people who support the Centre and its retailers - week in, week out.

That’s why we like to help local groups, schools and sports clubs as much as we can. It’s our way of giving something back, and the Kingdom Shopping Centre has been awarded the Community Mark, "Big Tick", Scottish Retail Shopping Location of the Year & SBCC Safer Shopping awards for excellence in recognition of our efforts.

This year we have committed to support ‘The Glenrothes And District Foodbank’ as our charity partner for 2015. We looked at the various charities throughout Fife and took the decision to support this charity following their frequent food appeals, particular in Glenrothes where it has been well documented that at times, that they have struggled to generate the required level of support to meet with the demand.

The Glenrothes And District Foodbank’ opened in December 2013 and recently became a charity registered in Scotland. They are run by a newly formed and elected Committee of Trustees who have to raise funds to cover all of their own running costs which includes rent and utilities. We are delighted to support them this year through our planned fundraising activities.

Safe Town Centre
As part of our commitment to providing a safe and secure shopping environment, we are founder members of the Safe Town Centre programme in Scotland, which has now been joined by other leading shopping centres and retail outlets across the country. The Kingdom Shopping Centre actively works in partnership with Fife Constabulary and Fife Council to implement a number of Community Safety and Crime Reduction Initiatives to provide local solutions for local problems, and create a safer environment for those working and using the town centre. The Kingdom Shopping Centre also funds the wages of a sponsored Centre Police Officer who works out of the on-site retail crime unit, assisting with retailer and customer enquires.

If you are part of a local group looking for help or support, please do not hesitate to contact us
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