At the Kingdom Shopping Centre we are very aware of our social responsibilities and aim to be a good neighbour in the community. Part of this means employing 'best practice' to minimise the environmental impact of our operations as much as we can, and being open to new initiatives to improve our procedures wherever possible. The Kingdom Shopping Centre was delighted to host and support 'Glenrothes Environment Day' in April 2010, 2011, 2012 & 2013. All events were a great success and we look forward to repeating it again next year.

We've linked up with Fife Council to provide recycling banks in our car parks for paper, glass, cans and clothing. This is in addition to the 10 sets of recycling bins throughout the Centre itself so that the recycling process can start at source. We also collect and recycle waste from our tenants, and encourage them to separate recyclables wherever possible.

Energy Reduction
The Centre has an active energy reduction programme which enables us to measure our progress year on year. Various initiatives have been implemented including installing light sensors, installing new energy efficient air handling units in 2009/10 and installing a Building Management System. Our strong commitment to environmentally responsible procedures has led to some outstanding results, including reducing the Centre's carbon footprint by over 45% over the past 5 years.

Water Usage
We have installed water management systems in both sets of public toilets to provide more efficient water usage.

The Kingdom Shopping Centre is a proud and active member of both Take a Pride in Glenrothes, and the Prince's May Day Network to help protect against climate change.

In recognition of some outstanding environmental achievements the Kingdom Shopping Centre has achieved Green Apple (x3), Green Hero (x2), Quality Scotland and Green Business Fife Awards, plus a VIBES commendation.
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